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I'm missing these cg does anyone know how to get these

1st CG - get it during the summer event

2nd CG - Buy the kitty costume for Toru and have him wear it during the night date *wink*

3rd CG - this one's tricky. 

No. 1.  go to the maid cafe while on a date with Toru once before No. 2

No. 2.  accept 'mister princess' the cross dressing audition while Toru's in the agency at the same time (mine was 12th March)

If done right, Haato and Toru will audition for the same role and make a bet. Loser wears the maid costume. You have to win the audition.

No. 3.  Buy the maid costume (M size for Haato)

After that it should show up eventually during one of the night dates. (doesn't matter if Toru is sub or dom, top or bottom)

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Do I have to make him wear the maid costume every date night or does it just happen on its own 

No need, Haato will eventually wear it