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A wonderful generator - here is a villa made from it - early days yet, but this is using the generated data unchanged.

One problem - exporting the plan by pressing Enter while in plan view worked beautifully - till just now. No matter how many times I reload the whole programme, I still have the same problem. I would love an answer, even if it is not your generator doing this. But the rest of my computer works fine.

I also love your one page dungeon, though I would like a download into SVG if possible, so I have a vector copy.

Sorry to hear that exporting has stopped working for you. Do I understand you correctly - everything works as before, but hitting Enter in the plan mode does nothing? I haven't changed anything there and I don't experience this issue. It is possible that your browser prevents "unauthorized downloading", then it means that some browser setting has been changed.

SVG export in 1PDG was requested more than once, so it will be implemented eventually if there won't be technical problems with that.


I have this problem in chrome on a mac too with this and city viewer. I have to use safari.