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i tried both but unfortunatelly still doesnt work... :/

What OS do you use?

If you use Windows 7 or 10 (the latter is recommended), can you go to


and confirm if Notepad2.exe is there?

Also does the error crash the game? A console window should open. Is that not the case?

So its win10, notepad2.exe exist in appdata/roaming, so i really dont get the error.
The error just say that there is no notepad when i push ok there is another error saying there is no game folder.

Actually i  just did it manually - drag the txt file frome game folder in the notepad.exe and it works - so the problem for me is that terminal just dont do it by itself.
Thanks for fast answers;) (i am going to play it;))

Sounds like the game tries to access those files before they are created. Weird. Good to know you can play it now, enjoy! :)