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Růžoví Plameňáci

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it is not actually acurate... i was able to win, but winning is just too tooo hard and i probably won because i knew (as author of the packing list) what should be in thw bag..

this is super cute

I couldnt do anything just walk through hallway and go back again. But nice pixelart;)

There is 3 possible endings, you just have to pack properly and be nice...

Its a very weird game with a super realistic sound of falling dead body.
Most of the scenes felt weird but its still somehow satysfiing..
Running smoothly and graphics are nice.
(only i had a small issue with exit from the game - game suddenly frozen and had to be exited via app panel cause it doesnt responded)

A very nice game with a great storytelling!
I was a bit stuck with those "hacking" stuff but find out eventually.
It was actually very accurate view inside "fan" community, and on the topic of finding self....
Also there is a quite big ammount of written text in forum which i liked very much.

Haha, thanks :^)

Great game!

I really liked multiple paths! Also the design is nicely polished;) Great game.

I really liked game mechanics, even though it was a bit hard to make the right moves.
Great music and art;)

Thank you!!


Great game! Nice sounds and visuals, the gameplay is really hard though... I was successful with fertilizing only once and was half-human:d

Nice game! I liked the sound design! (Also it looks like well finished game)

Hi, Its a nice platformer - visuals and sound! Anyway i did stuck almost at the beginning when i went for an axe - i couldnt go back - seemed like platforms are too high. (But maybe i am just unpatient)

Wow, thank you! :^)


Thank you!

Thank you ;)

Oh yeah, that's a bug - it happens if you press X before the current line finishes playing. Sorry about that, I had no time to fix it :^(

Yes! It was totally intended! We are happy you enjoyed the game!

So its win10, notepad2.exe exist in appdata/roaming, so i really dont get the error.
The error just say that there is no notepad when i push ok there is another error saying there is no game folder.

Actually i  just did it manually - drag the txt file frome game folder in the notepad.exe and it works - so the problem for me is that terminal just dont do it by itself.
Thanks for fast answers;) (i am going to play it;))

i tried both but unfortunatelly still doesnt work... :/

I would really like to play the game, but it doesnt work - when i open exe the terminal, there is an error about notebad.exe missing. What to do about it?