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Hey man! That's great u did it! Yeah man its really dark . The intention is to make players flash the camera to know where they are going.  Almost in spammy way.

It's a mechanic that's either loved or hated, it's impossible to please everyone. 
You get 120 flashes until you need to look for battery's, The camera loses charge quicker if you keep turning it off and on. 
Thanks though, your feedback has been noted.

And I knew that but perhaps I should have elaborated a bit further.

The flashes are difficult to use because the audio of her approaching you is really low, down right unhearable at times, which makes flashing your camera too risky or too much of a hassle. Sometime, if you stand still... The player would flash by himself, leading to death.

So most of the people I've seen play this level (including me) would end up just navigating in the dark with no flashes as a better option.

And I appreciate you for taking some feedback. :)


Oh yes,  I should probably mention, the audio for when she is colliding with you has been increased, some other people shared your opinion of that so I tweaked it. If you're playing on Windows, just grab the newest version.  Yeah the camera will auto flash when lightning strikes only if she's colliding with you, or else there is no way to die if you have the camera off which was a big complaint in the earlier days of release.  

The more evidence you get the darker the environment gets, this is been another mechanic that is either loved or hated unfortunately,  there's no real way to meet in the middle. 

But yeah it's okay, I'll be releasing a new game soon anyway, that isn't horror so you won't have this problem.

Thank you again for the feedback, I'd rather get actual feedback like this than 'good job'.