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The windows version stores the save games in a different location, they should still be there.

Check out this post for the exact locations! :)

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I played this game with android

I searched My phone Android>data : I can't find the file named "com.~ third crisis"

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I have to start game like the first time......

I will be playing this game again.. if you can, please give me "all mission completed file" please..

Ah, yeah. I think uninstalling on android also deletes the save files. It just deletes every file that the game has created.

We've created save files in the game itself for cases like this though! Go into the load menu and then in the bottom right corner you can open the skip to content menu. For some reason on android, the images in there are invisible but just press at the top of the menu and it will give you a save :)

Thanks I love you so much. I really want to kiss you...><

I really love your kindness. 

May god bless you