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Hi! Can you give us date when part 0.21.0 is released? PLEASE?

Red light means "don't move"

Have a nice day~

You have to separate like this.

There are two ending; townhall mission and betrayal of rida(?)

These two missions are both main mission.

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Sorry to hear that. If you chose townhall route, You can't get out of there. You should classify two routes; peitho(townhall) route and happy end


If you find unfixed light, there will be a sign. There will be a green light on your right bottom circle.  

Thanks I love you so much. I really want to kiss you...><

I really love your kindness. 

May god bless you

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I have to start game like the first time......

I will be playing this game again.. if you can, please give me "all mission completed file" please..

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I played this game with android

I searched My phone Android>data : I can't find the file named "com.~ third crisis"

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Hi.. I'm the one who really love this game.

I'm really happy to find this game, and I love your passion to update game quickly.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake; I deleted 0.19.0 version of this game and My save files are gone. I really regret what I've done. I thought I have to delete previous game to download 0.20.0 version....

I completed all of the missions and I unlocked all of the galleries. What do I ha ve to do?? I'm really angry at me. Please help me. Please......

Hi sir..

0.20.0 version has not been released? When will it release?