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The game is perfect...

...The only flaw that I put to the game for now is that you make such wonderful and handsome male characters, and that they haven´t a route or romance in the game.

I feel like seeing the ads or advertising of an ice cream shop or creperie or cake shop, and when you go there, you discover that certain desserts aren´t for sale and that they only have decorative purposes.


But otherwise perfect!

I love the protagonist, the others characters, the gameplay, the plot, the art, and the comedy.

Seriously, this game looks great.

I want to see the whole game.



Thank you Aural! : D I'm glad you're enjoying PBS!

I replied with a similar info under your comment in my latest post, however I'll write it here too, for everyone to read : ) Despite missing the romance elements with boys, this game is still an "otome" and you'll get to spend a lot of time with male characters, even more than with female ones. It's not the same as dating them, but I hope that this way is going to be entertaining as well  ^ ^

Thank you for playing and your nice comments! I really appreciate it! And I really hope to create a story and characters that you will continue enjoying! If you have any further suggestion you'd like to share, I'd be glad to read it and maybe it will fit into the story or even some extra content!