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Thank you! : D

Hi cloudysky! Thank you so much for playing PBS, I'm glad you had fun! I'm currently working on the full game but it's going to take a while, approx two years. I will publish a new scene to play for free later this year, and, if you want to read about the progress on the development, please refer to the blog articles on this page! : )

Hi Nozori Games! I really enjoyed reading this presentation you have prepared, and learning more about the setting of Guilty Parade! I can't wait to play the full game, I really like the feelings it communicates. Keep up with the great work! : )

Thank you Aural! : D I'm glad you're enjoying PBS!

I replied with a similar info under your comment in my latest post, however I'll write it here too, for everyone to read : ) Despite missing the romance elements with boys, this game is still an "otome" and you'll get to spend a lot of time with male characters, even more than with female ones. It's not the same as dating them, but I hope that this way is going to be entertaining as well  ^ ^

Thank you for playing and your nice comments! I really appreciate it! And I really hope to create a story and characters that you will continue enjoying! If you have any further suggestion you'd like to share, I'd be glad to read it and maybe it will fit into the story or even some extra content!

Thank you Aural!

I'm glad you like it and enjoy the characters this much! Yep, the romance element is not a main one in the story but you'll get to spend a lot of time with male characters, even more than female ones! After all, this is a story thought for girls : )

I'll update with more info on the male cast!

Thank you! : D

Thank you!! >V< Working hard on it!

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Hi Evickar! : D Yep, doc. Isahai isn't one, but in the full game there are going to be bromance-like scenes between him and Kairi : ) Thanks for the comment on the topic!

You're welcome! : D Have fun! ^ ^

Happy new year again! (^^) The artwork looks gorgeous, I especially like the color combination and the coloring style * *

Thank you so much, Sapphire!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^ ^
The guide will cover all possible paths and game overs!

Hi Aural! 

I'm going to post a guide in December! : D 

Thank you, Sapphire! ^ ^ 

Hello LonelyLawyerGamer! Thank you so much for playing the demo and I'm glad you enjoyed it! As an indie developer I had to stop developing the game because of irl job for several months but I have good news! I'm now able to work almost full time on the rest of the game, and starting from next week I will update regularly (once or twice a week minimum) with progresses. I will mainly post on Patreon (mostly free posts) and keep the game Discord updated For every quick update, please refer to PBS twitter account Again, thank you so much! 

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Hi! It's not yaoi, it will contain a lot of bromance! : )

Hi sunnyx, I'm sorry the routes are still a bit confused ^^" One of the love interests of Kairi is Fujisa, for the other ones, please check this post on Lemmasoft ⇒

At the bottom, there's also a character map of the whole game: the characters marked with a heart icon are the love interests (3 in total).

I hope it can be of some help! Thank you for playing the demo!

Thank you so much for playing it! The new chapter is under development! : 3 <3

Owww Thank you so much for the support, DuckieChan! And I'm so glad to receive a comment about the gore! (///∇//)

I'm happy you enjoyed it, I'll do my best and complete the game soon! Thank you~~~!!

Aww, thank you so much!!! I'm glad you liked it!
I'm working on the next chapter! (•̀ᴗ•́)و

Thank you so much for playing it! : D I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Hello Mellyboo! Thank you for playing PBS! There's not an exact release date for now, ideally it will be finished in 2020. However a new three-hour chapter covering the start of the Tokyo Arc will be released next year!

Thank you so much for playing it! : D I hope you enjoy it!

I've replied on Lemmasoft as well and we met on Discord too, but again, I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, Neru! Thank you so much for the comment and the support!

Hello Mylane! Thank you so much for trying out the demo! I really enjoyed reading your comment and I'm glad you had a good time playing the game! And it was interesting to receive feedback regarding the food mini game from a French player, too!
About the "persuasion" power, its nature is not completely explained on purpose so that every player can get their own personal meaning and play the way they mean to. Anyway, balancing purple choices and white ones can work really good too! ; ) 
I'm sorry there was no room to insert the blond girl from the cover in the demo! She will appear in the next chapter which I hope to release soon! ^ ^