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Thanks.  They look similar to Harvest Moon, very cute :)

Do you have a brief list of the animations?  Like I'm trying to decide if the horse can run or attack etc.... but for the horse and also other characters, because it affects my gameplay what I can do with them.

They're all just walking sprites, sorry. :( Here's a screenshot of just the Color versions.

Yeah, that limits what we can do with it, BUT, a sims game or a farming game is completely doable with it.  I will consider it.  Can we talk privately somewhere about commissions if you do those?

Sorry for the delay, had to check with Ocean to see what his commission status was! Sadly we're both closed for commission at the moment sorry, but please feel free to commission another artist to work with the sprites if you can find somebody. :(


No prob!  Thankyou for all the support and showing the packages.  We will probably buy it for fun later on.  Thanks have a great day Caz!

Thank you, and you too! :>