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Deleted 48 days ago

I don't have a lot of experience with Linux. But I think if Alisa game gives the error, it will do it for other Unity games too. You should look it up why it's doing it for Unity games in general. Maybe someone put up a sollution on the internet.
But atleast you could play it with Wine : )

I am currently playing the demo on Linux (Debian 10 Buster) with no issues, I just needed to make the file "Alisa Demo.x86_64" executable with chmod +x command, after that I just open the file by double clicking from the file manager (Dolphin on KDE). Are you running the game from a path under the root user home directory (like /root/Downloads)? (That's what it seems from the output you posted) That can be a problem with graphical applications on Linux

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my distro "Puppy Linux" is a only ROOT user :) :(

i go try run as non-root user here...

edit: on puppy i try run as normal user.

# run-as-spot ./Alisa\ Demo.x86_64

give the same... if i run with video disabled

# ./Alisa\ Demo.x86_64 -nographics

the game work (only the audio), i found some topics with unity3d's games don't found some gpus on some systems i'm done.

i go continue run on Linux using Wine. runs perfect <3

on future, i go donate.

i love classic style survival horror games <3