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I am currently playing the demo on Linux (Debian 10 Buster) with no issues, I just needed to make the file "Alisa Demo.x86_64" executable with chmod +x command, after that I just open the file by double clicking from the file manager (Dolphin on KDE). Are you running the game from a path under the root user home directory (like /root/Downloads)? (That's what it seems from the output you posted) That can be a problem with graphical applications on Linux

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my distro "Puppy Linux" is a only ROOT user :) :(

i go try run as non-root user here...

edit: on puppy i try run as normal user.

# run-as-spot ./Alisa\ Demo.x86_64

give the same... if i run with video disabled

# ./Alisa\ Demo.x86_64 -nographics

the game work (only the audio), i found some topics with unity3d's games don't found some gpus on some systems i'm done.

i go continue run on Linux using Wine. runs perfect <3

on future, i go donate.

i love classic style survival horror games <3