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Hey Jake!

First of all, thanks a bunch for the patch! It makes playing NOLF a lot better. I am going to copypaste a post on reddit I made last week. Maybe you can help with it:

"I played the games ages ago, and wanted to play them again. NOLF 1 is working fine, but there are no shadows under the characters. Although, tbh, I don't remember if there were any to begin with, other games from that generation usually at least had blob shadows or something.

I vaguely remembered a tutorial on the internet that I can't find anymore. The person replaced some files from the game with files from the old NOLF demo and was able to activate dynamic shadows, multiple shadows per object (I think), self shadowing and more blood (or something). I am certain this was for the first game, and it worked back in the day for me.

Can someone remember this? And if not, is there any other way to add shadows to characters? I mean there are lots of shadow options in the config file..."

So basically, the blob shadows are there when I activate them, but quickly disappear after a loading screen or cutscene. Maybe this could be avoided in general if the dynamic shadows could be reactivated. :P

By the way: Shadows were originally implemented in the first tech demo, among other things like anisotropic filtering. Those options were removed from the final game, maybe due to their impact on performance. Here's a shot from the options screen I made.

Thanks in advance!!!


Yeah I've noticed the demo has some pretty neat shadows, however I'm not sure if that's exactly compatible with the latest version of NOLF. I'll poke around, but can't promise anything! We sadly don't have the source code for the direct3d renderer.

Hey Jake!

Thanks for the reply, and thanks for digging into it. Do you have any Idea why the shadows quickly disappear on my system? It seems to be a common problem, at least I read about it a couple of times.


After digging into that, I found that cinematics toggle off shadows for some reason. It also toggles it back on after the cinematics are finished but that doesn't seem to be working as intended. Odd how I never noticed this! 

I'll fix it for the next version, thanks for the report!


Thanks a lot! Afaik it also happens when you first start a level, but I guess it's the same problem. 

Anyway, I'm very happy to be able to play with some shadows after the update <3