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Playing on mac via PS4 controller, movement not working at all.

How can I fix this?

The game won't recognize that I have a Xbox 1 controller plugged in either :( I think it only works for PS3 and 360 ones

it should normally work. but the mac version is extremely broken.
in case you want to try playing it on mac, you can always try playing with the Wine Emulator and playing the windows version. I heard it worked better at some points but not sure about the controller compatibility. XboxOne and Xbox360 controllers use the same driver. so you should also check if the Xinput drivers are installed. (if it exists for mac)

I fixed the problem. I was testing it out in a sandbox and it was causing the issue. After I tested outside of it the controller worked :) The only thing I ran into after that was the up/down aiming bug but that has been mentioned by others on here

I see : ) just install the latest version of Alisa Demo. It should be fixed.