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Do your paid assets require author credit in my games?  I see that your license for free assets require it which is understandable, but would like to know what your purchased assets license is before I buy.  Thank you!


Hey there, thanks for getting in touch! If you've purchased the assets, there is no obligation to credit them. :) Here are the full Terms of Use:

"These icons were created by Caz Wolf and 
are available for purchase on

These icons are not to be used in commercial
projects without being purchased from the
above profile.

Once the pack has been officially purchased, 
the buyer is now a license holder of this pack
and has permission to use and edit these icons 
for use in apps, games, or whatever purpose 
they like.

HOWEVER these icons cannot be redistributed
to other parties who have not purchased it.


Please direct any questions to my profile,
or you can contact me on Twitter @cazwolf

Thanks so much for your purchase, and I hope you
enjoy the pack!"