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Hello.  Thank you again for your patience.  I have submitted a new version to the Google Play Store that I hope helps address the casting issues.  I would expect the update to be available within 24-72 hours pending Google approval.  Please let me know at your earliest convenience version 1.10 thank you!

Also apologies for the issue.  I am just a single developer and try to work through any issues quickly when a user brings it to my attention.  I can usually turn around bug fixes within a couple days.  Appreciate your support!

Hello, thank you for your purchase.  Is it possible to provide more detail on the issue? Does the cast button just not work? Is it casting off screen? Did it happen after catching/losing a fish?  I will look through the code after work today and see what I can come up with but any extra insight into the issue would be helpful for me.  I'll be in touch thank you!

Thank you for the update.  Looking forward to your new version!!

Thank you for the response.  I was aware of the side sprites but the color palette wasn't working.  It was my mistake of not using the 'Active Image Set' compared to version 1 where it seemed to auto update the 'views' colors.  Makes more sense now thank you!

Hi VisuStella hope all is well!  Love this tool one of my favorites on the market, but really hoping for a new updated version so I can use the side sprites.  Wondering if you have a possible release date window on 1.3? Thank you!!!


Just wondering when the next update for the software will be?

Thank you!


Do you have to own a RPG Maker license to use these?

Do your paid assets require author credit in my games?  I see that your license for free assets require it which is understandable, but would like to know what your purchased assets license is before I buy.  Thank you!