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I love this game, for the most part! Nearly all of the sounds are appropriate, the game plays smoothly, and the graphics are cute and well rendered. I like the intriguing key shape! I would be very happy to write music for the game if you'd be open to it. I did catch some problems:


  1. There is nothing that says that moving into him attacks him (I moved into him because I wanted to talk to him...)
  2. There's nothing that tells you that you have to pick up items from the bottom
  3. The description only flashes for a split-second when touching items from the side, so you have to keep re-touching them to read them all the way through
  4. I didn't try it yet due to lack of money, but is it possible to pick up two of the same type of item?
  5. It should be stated in the Health Upgrade's description that it simultaneously fully heals you (unless this feature isn't intended and will be removed).


  1. It gets a bit graphically weird when enemies can simply walk over pots or coins (their graphic should override what's on the ground, and pots should be treated as obstacles, or maybe they could be coded to break the pots too)
  2. When your armor takes a hit for you, it should make a clinking sound instead of a whining-down sound
  3. It's a bit odd to see some corners of walls get revealed but not all, as you travel and explore
  4. Due to the inability to wait (advance a turn without moving), I sometimes use a locked door to bring enemies closer to me. However, if the door is to my left, and a bat is two tiles under me (with open space between us) and I keep ramming the door, the bat will think I'm moving left and will keep oscillating left & right instead of coming closer towards me.


  1. Normally one would expect the game brand/logo (in this case, Firith Studio) to gradually fade away on its own at the beginning, so it was a bit weird to realize that one has to press a key to skip it. It also doesn't say anything about moving right.
  2. I pressed Escape to see if there was a way to save my progress at Level 13 or so, but it ended my game...
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i got slaughtered by 3 enemies when i jumped into level 23

i just got insta-killed without moving