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I'm now rich but price was to kill an innocent. Our "crew" never became famous, except as dangerous pirates... and we lost almost all members of the Tigershark crew. Last thing: I'm in jail, and I'm pretty sure that – if my brother is alive – he'll never contact me. I've lost hope... I've lost everything.

– last lines in her journal

That's a pretty cool journaling game. I began as a poor fisherwoman hoping to heard about her brother gone missing at sea. I ended up with my character rich but in jail, seen as a dangerous pirate and convinced that her brother Jack would never contact her (if he isn't dead.)

Gold: 5 | Fame: 2 | No loss of life: 1 | Finding clues about Jack: 2

I suggest that, in the phone PDF, you could copy-paste the Dice Results text from the page 4 to page 11. And then this PDF should really be perfect to play as we read

Thanks for this game!

What a great story, thanks for sharing!

I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I suspect you’re right about pasting in the dice results on page 11! Thanks! 🙏