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Nice, cute yet creepy atmosphere! The skewed perspectives reminded me of "Day of the Tentacle". I liked many of the characters, events, drawings and puzzles.

What I didn't enjoy, though, were the red herrings.

(minor spoilers)

I spent so long trying to figure out how to solve the window-domino-puzzle using the winged cat painting (it had similar dotted shapes) only to find out the cat didn't have anything to do with the puzzle, and the actual solution was a much simpler. It didn't give the "A-ha!" -moment you get for solving a puzzle, more of a frustration of "why was the cat painting with the similar dot shapes even there?".

Same with the box with the star socket. Since there were six stars in the bedroom, I figured I needed to solve a puzzle to get a star I could use on the box, but instead I had to use an item that makes sense after you've used it and found out what kind of a box it is, but before that I was just trying that item in different places, hoping it would interact with something.

Of course, I'd rather not have all the unusable items either, or have puzzle elements show up I couldn't solve. It would've been better to prevent player from interacting with those objects for the demo, and to disable the hints meant for puzzles in the full version.

Other than that, I really liked the game! Most of the puzzles were logical, solvable by deduction. The visual style is interesting. The soundtrack fit the mood, though it could've used a bit more variety considering how long it takes to get through the game. Didn't find any bugs or lacking features either, other than the inability to start a new game without restarting the whole application, or to quit/return to menu after beating the demo. Looking forward to the full game.

Thanks for the feedback! The fact that you took your time and gave us your opinion means a great deal! I will take all into consideration and try to make the game better and the demo too. Thanks for playing!

Good to hear! :)