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Love the humour and the atmosphere - might be my imagination but do the sirens in the background keep getting continually more frequent & longer?

Either way, made it to day 4 (tbh bit of a slog, the novelty kind of wore off after day 2) but still great little experience to play through. The feeling of walking through a bushfire genuinely made me a bit uncomfortable, especially after several months of living with bushfire smoke in Sydney lol.

Mildly disappointed Scomo didn't show up in one way or another :P


Recorded some gameplay from the final portion of the game if anyone is interested but doesn't have 30 mins to play the entire game:

the game icon is actually a piece of scomo """satire""" that i eventually decided to leave out of the full game.

if i get my act together maybe I'll re-use some of the assets from this and make a full aussie post-apoc rpg where u can fight a coal-powered scomo-mecha.

Sounds good - I'd love to see more from you!