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Loved it! Fingers crossed Scotty gets the flick after this election!!

Also loved the end credits song, what an absolute banger.

Great work, would unironically love to play more of a game in this style :P

It’s been a while so not 100% sure why I made the switch but I think it may have been related to the way that the two handle vertex colouring. From memory I think there were 2 main reasons:

  • HPSXRP feels a bit more authentic to me, partly because it forces you to work in a more authentic workflow (in my opinion). Due to the nature of HPSXRP being a render pipeline vs. PSX Effects being a camera effect, HPSXRP doesn’t require a script to be attached to the camera.
  • Again, I think the vertex colouring was a bit different between the 2 workflows. 

Other than that, I really like PSX Effects! HPSXRP is more work to actually set up and get going, so if you want something quick and easy to use and 99% authentic, PSX Effects is well worth the money. When I bought it I think it was about $10 AUD.

Thanks a lot 😁

Cheers mate, thanks for playing 😄

Thanks mate!

Thanks for playing, and thanks for your feedback! :)

Hi, thanks for playing! I may come back to this project later on to expand on it (I do quite like the concept). 

Thanks for playing through it! Despite the extended time for this jam I left a bit too much to the last minute so wasn’t able to make it longer unfortunately. Hopefully next time 😁

Thanks for the feedback!

Haha was probably just me trying to make it feel claustrophobic but probably overdid it a bit! :)

Absolutely loved this game!

From a gameplay point of view, the movement mechanics are fantastic! Tight, controllable, fun to play with, very satisfying to use!

The sounds and music (I'll call it music even though it only comes through briefly) are also great and add to the ethereal atmosphere.

And obviously nailed the aesthetics too - beautiful game with striking visuals.

Thanks a lot for playing through it! Unfortunately I ran out of time, definitely planned more interaction and exploration but wasn’t able to implement it properly. 

I might revisit this project in future if you’re interested!

Thanks again for your time and checking it out 😄

Wow, really awesome you went to the effort to add this in! Played this for a while this morning, really great stuff. I love the visuals especially, but the movement mechanics are super satisfying too. 

It's easy to tell this was a major labour of love from you. Can't wait to see what else you work on in the future!

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Love the visuals, audio, and the gameplay seems super tight from what I've played so far; however wasn't able to get past the rope section of the tutorial due to playing on a Mac with only the trackpad (seems like you can't right-click and then left-click on the trackpad to shoot the rope gun). Will definitely replay this once I can find a mouse to use with my laptop :P

Obviously this is just your first iteration, will be interesting to see how your project develops :)

Also, took a bit of walking but eventually made it outside the forest; also managed to fall over the side of the map lol

Sounds good - I'd love to see more from you!

Love the humour and the atmosphere - might be my imagination but do the sirens in the background keep getting continually more frequent & longer?

Either way, made it to day 4 (tbh bit of a slog, the novelty kind of wore off after day 2) but still great little experience to play through. The feeling of walking through a bushfire genuinely made me a bit uncomfortable, especially after several months of living with bushfire smoke in Sydney lol.

Mildly disappointed Scomo didn't show up in one way or another :P


Recorded some gameplay from the final portion of the game if anyone is interested but doesn't have 30 mins to play the entire game: