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I tryed to messure how much progress from turning in daily quest. But at this level so much is required (compared to what you get from turn in) that its impossible for the normal eye to see any progress when turning in the daily quest at lvl 4 reputation.

We've just released an update which should make the process a lot more bearable. 

To do so we changed daily quests into repeatable quests, meaning you can expect a new quest some time after you finished your last one (though we're not spoiling how long exactly it takes for a new quest to appear on the bulletin board ;)). Also, you now recieve significantly more reputation for finishing a repeatable quest. (from 2,5 to almost 10 times more, depending on the quest)

This won't make you instantly reach your desired reputation level, but that's the cost of keeping it balanced for any new players who get more quests and reputation from the beginning.

Hope this helps you progress even further.

Kind regards,

Sounds like a perfect solution :) I have downloaded and tryed it out, and I am progressing nicely now.  Thank you all for the fast fixes and releases.  Now off to explore more of your game :)