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Can't find him at all in my game. His shop is closed all the time. I havent picked up the new quest from him yet - so its not that you have the quest that is the problem.

EDIT: season changed to winter - and now i can enter his shop, and he is there.

Yes you need to upgrade it in the correct order.

Bring your showel to the mines :)

Love it :)

Would have helped if we could mouse-ower the items in the journal, to see their names. But guess we will figuere it out without also :)

Aha! BTW the Journal dont tell us what type of fragments you need for the combines.

Ups! didnt see you had replyed, so edited in more stuff. :)

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Game froze when new day started. Couldnt move, so i logged. Can move again now.

Ps! Took awhile before i found the Journal. Maybe mention it in your patchnote to look for the A for journal.

EDIT 1: "Narbels Farm" (or something) act like a new discovery i have visited. Get the text Narbels Farm when i get there.

Not a new bug - its been this for as long as i can remember.

EDIT 2: Some of the items end up in my inventory.

Look in the "bin" next to your house (where you sell stuff).

- Click the "Catalog" tab

- Click the lower left catagory

- Order your lockbox (it cost 4 iron bars and 150 gold)

it will arrive the day after for pickup

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I am almost afraid to tell you... the NPC's arent working correctly. Most are missing, or they stand-in-one-place-walking and you can walk true them.


Quests  completed prior to the patch

 -Forge Repair (yes) 

-Stairs Repair (yes) 

-Swamp Bridge Repair (yes)

 -Beach Bridge Repair (yes)

 -Basement Renovation (yes) 

-Plains Cave Repair  ??? NO idea where that is...  The cave next to my house - if so NO?

Areas that have been repaired post patch (NONE that i saved)

 -Forge (no)

 -Stairs (no)

 -Swamp Bridge (no) 

-Beach Bridge (no) 

-Plains Cave (no)

Places in the world that have a sign 

-Forge (yes)  but its NOT working

-Stairs (yes)  NB! I said no but it was hidden behind my trees

-Swamp Bridge (yes) 

-Beach Bridge (yes)

 -Plains Cave (yes)

List any repair quests you can actually reobtain post patch here

- Stairs

- Swamp Bridge

- Beach Bridge

- Plains Cave

List any quests that you can obtain from an NPC even though you have already finished them here (You don’t have to go seeking these out, but I’d be curious because all signs point to this being a widespread issue instead of just dealing with the signposts)

In my questlog now:

- Dry Cavern

- Old Stairway

- The Far Cove

- The Sunken Bridge

- Helpful Hunter

I can't find any other quests.

(Before patch I had only 2 quests left: Dry Cavern + Helpful Hunter. None of them possible to complete i belive)

Let me know if i missed out on anything.

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Basement/cellar is gone - but no sign there, and cant find any quest to get it back.

Stairs dont have any sign - and cant find anyone that want to give me quest to fix it.

Forge repair quest should activate with clicking the sign - but nothing happens when clicking it.

Let me know if you want me to test anything else. But seems to me you got 2 problems - forge quest activation - and that questline is mezzed up now so we dont get the quest for basement. and probally other quests to.

I tryed it again. After completing the beach &swamp quest - both bridges got fixed and the signs was gone.

1. I have tryed clicking on the sign at the forge yes. To check that it was the sign that should activate the quest i started a new account and it worked there. Placement when i took image is not importent. I have tryed to click all ower the place :)

2. Yes i had completed both the Swamp and the Beach quest.

3. Not sure what you are refering to. Since its all broken now. I did turn in the beach/swamp again to check if that could trigger new quest for forge and the others, but didnt see any change - so i logged before it was saved.

I will do it again and run and check if it actually fix it. Will report back in a few.

Forge got a sign infront of it, but i cant click it.

Tryed clicking all ower the place.

The bridge in swamp and the one on the beach gives quest. 

The stuff that are broken now and dont give any quest i can click or find on npc is:

- Forge

- Stairs

- Bacement/Cellar

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Ups... The repair quests data was not saved, so stairs, bridges and so on need new repairs. Not a big problem, BUT my forge also need repair, and Sven and the carpenter dont give me any quests to repair it. Dont remember how it was fixed the first time... Dont get a quest by clicking it.

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relogged... still not able to talk to the NPC. he is walking and walking and walking without moving forward

EDIT: And i can walk true him. 

hm... he stand still and looks like he is running in the same spot. Couldnt talk to him. Will try relog and see it changes.

oooo the digsite looks interesting.... cant wait to see how this turns out :) Atm i cant talk to the NPC or do anything.

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hehe. Don't seem like you gone be out of work :)

I also could enter the cave that is left of my house, that was previously broken. Part of the Brock's quest?

Lorelei: It was first day of Spring (i think), but no idea what wheater there was. Sorry

She was moving with lightning speed. So fast i cant say if she moved passed walls or true doors.

I can close and open it, but the map is missing. So clearly something off with map after last patch.

(7 edits)

1. The Map is missing after patch.

2. Where is the Ravine? 

3. What is Rusty Mead, and where to get it?

4. Swamp:"Harronting Estate" (or something) in the area where there used to be stones and a sign - i can now enter it but its pitch black. Nothing there.

5: Sven: New quest is bugged. When turning in the quest the ore gets consumed, but get these messages:

Quest show as uncomplete even tho ore is gone. Tryed it multiple times. Same happens every time even with nothing else in inventory then the ore.

EDIT: 6. Lorelei quest is bugged to. When trying to turn in the fruits to her, it removes from inventory but it doesnt complete - and she gives me these messages:

+when standing next to her bed when she wakes up, she warp/fly/speedrun or something to this room.

Kiera quest is also bugged. Items removed from inventory, but quest not complete. Her is her messages:

So all 3 questgivers hint about not enough room in my inventory to recive reward.

To make it easyer for you, you can go to settings and change the W-A-S-D keys to use arrow keys instead. 

At the slow fishing spots you can just use right hand for everything. You got enough time to use the mouse first to cast the line, and do the click to activate - and then  move your hand to arrow keys to do the reflex thingy.

Don't think he is added to the game yet. 

You can get more storage from chest. Click the bin outside your house, and look under catalog. You get access to different types of chest after you complete quests.

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I have been struggeling with fishing to, but learned something new today. The reason why i have been struggeling is because i have been fishing in the wrong places. Places where its harder to fish then others. Had i known there was so much difference - I would have tryed more places. :)

As a start you can try to find the  place on my images. Its on the left side of the land  where your house is. Fishing is slower here.

Sorry for making so much xtra work and headache for you with my barns :) 

If they are still bugged out after patch I will just make new barn again. I was "lucky" last time and got free upgrades, so didnt really work hard to get them anyway :)

Looking forward to the patch, to see if anything new will be added. 

Thank your for your dedication. Love your game.

I am sorry i didnt time it. So it might have been shorter then a week after tapping. Maybe i mixed up how many ingame days it was between since i often sleep just to get full energy, and wasnt thinking on how many days past. Was just an idea to retest if i got sap again. Had i know i was gone do that I would have counted days. Sorry

I can't retest it right now, since I am on the last days on fall. But i will try to remember to test it next time i get to fall. The most importent was that i didnt get anything from my first tap.

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Recap: I destroyed my old barns and coop, and built 2 new barns and 1 coop - and upgraded them to max.

Today when trying to add animals to them:

Coop - i could add 8 animals without problems

Left Barn - i could only add 4 animals

Right Barn - i added 8 animals 

When trying again to see if i could add more animals, i notised i couldnt add to the left barn - but the rigth barn showed green even tho it should be full. I added 1 more animal. (so 9 in right barn), and when checking right barn still showed green so able to add more animals then 9.

Ran back home to check. Left barn had 4 animals, right barn had 8 animals.

Relogged fast so nothing was saved.

(My guess is that i would see same problems if i had 2 coops to.) 

EDIT: From placement of my new barns i know the right barn is the the first barn ordered. (both ordered in same day)

EDIT 2: Looking at picture its not easy to see all the different animal-slots for each barn. Maybe make them show in 2 rows of 4, instead of all 8 in one?


Then i tryed out the moving bug that was present with old barns. Sold all animals - moved the barns. Could add animals to both. Added 1 animals to both barns - moved them again then tryed to buy more animals. I could still buy animals. So this part of the barn problems is fixed it seems. 

Tree tap from Maples in spring worked fine, but when trying it at fall on Pine Trees it failed.

First time i tryed it in fall it consumed the tree tap, but gave me nothing back. I did it on 20 trees. I tryed clicking in the next days, to see if maybe the Pine Tree Sap used longer time. But nothing happened when clicking the trees.

After a week or so I tryed to use new tree tap on the same trees.

This is the message showing (same as i get in spring when trying to use it on a tree that have allready given me Maple Sap)

I agree with you there.  :) I had forced myself down to lvl 80 many times to mine ore before i found out.  

There is a mine cart to the left before the entrance to level 1 in the mine. The cart will take you down to level 20 in a click if you have visited that level before.

(Just learned this a few days ago myself)

I will (for now). He he

Went to upgrade coop and barn. 

No resources was removed from my inventory, but building upgrade started anyway.

Same happened when i upgraded them once again.

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Glad to hear the other minigames arent focused on reflexes :)

I just hope you dont add more quests that involve fishing or fishing dishes before that npc arrives.

Thought i had tryed to dig everywhere for clay - mines included. Must just been unlucky then. Then there suddenly are lots for me to do in game still. :) Thank you for info where to get it.

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My new barns are now up, and i can once again add animals to both of them. And enter/exit them both in correct manner :)

I havent tryed to move them tho - to check if i get same bug when adding new animals. I need a couple of days just relaxing after raiding the mines for all that ore,  and getting all that wood.  :)

And np. Its Alpha :)

1 question tho: Any eta when Clay will be added?

My only thing left in this game to do atm is fishing. The unfinished fishing Perk, and the skillup screams at me. But i my head and hands just dont want to coordinate that fast. I tryed it again today.  No luck of catching any fish, and so demotivated about it, that  I am just gone take a few days off.  I also read that you are planning to add more minigames like you have for the fishing. Personally i think you limit your game to players that are young and quick, but its your game offcourse. So you do as you want :)

(1 edit)

Deleted my old + new barn +coop, so hopefully they will all work as intended when they are finish with the new building prosess.

I also deleted my old trees, and i discovered why they show with fruits on at all time when in season. There is actually 2 trees on top of eachother. 1 is harvestable and 1 is not. So when i was chopping down the tree - a new tree was there with fruits i could pick. I chopped them all down to make sure there wouldnt be further trouble.