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I saw your message in response to my comment as you know. :D But one final thought. I'd prefer it if you replied here for this. ^w^

This is just a suggestion, but perhaps, sometime in the future, can you make a Free! Dating Sim? Where the player can potentially be romantically involved with the male characters? Much like your most recent games.

I know you have other projects currently in development that have to be finished first, and you don't have to do this at all. It's just something I want to suggest and hopefully you consider it. Thank you! ^^


I will consider it. Lately there's a lot of new characters I also want to draw (mainly Kisumi and Asahi) so it could be possible later down the line. 

That's great. ^^ Maybe consider creating both a female and male MC, to the liking of the (majority) female fandom, but also remain fair to the LBGT+ community?  But that's just another suggestion. You can just upvote this comment haha. Thanks for considering!