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Hey, I'm the one who's been messaging you on Facebook recently. I've finally completed all the endings in the game! :D And now, here I represent you with my thoughts...

Thank you. Thank you so much for creating this beautifully-done game. Seriously, I've played quite a bit of fanmade Free games out there that were always so much fun and had so much potential, but they were left incomplete and abandoned for good. You, on the other hand, didn't let us Free! fans down. You pushed forward for 3 whole years, and let me tell you that your hard work has truly paid off. Never doubt what your masterpiece here could do. I will continue to support you and your other games, replay this game, and do my best to promote this on my more popular social medias. I see a bright future for this game and I hope it will continue to grow. 

Now, onto the game. For starters, the art was fantastic! The characters look strikingly accurate to their designs in the original anime. Secondly, I've always been a huge fan of the Arabian concept made for the anime, and you took the time to bring it to life in the most interactive and flawless way possible. I really liked the music in this game too. And don't get me started on the story. It was simple and not at all complex, yet intriguing, original, and entertaining. Exactly what I would look for in a visual novel. And of course, you brought on the gay romance in flawless form, lol! My favorite ending was definitely King Among Kings with Haru. included all the best characters- and my sweet precious baby Makoto! OwO Lol, when I looked at your Facebook and Deviantart I thought Haru and Makoto weren't going to be featured, but am I glad that I thought wrong. I literally squealed when the option to see Makoto came up, haha. Hence my username lol.

In conclusion, I enjoyed every last second of the game. And I'm sure many other people did too. I legit only made an account here just to comment and rate this game! Praise to Free Arabian Nights!

Excellent work, I thank you with all my heart. I hope to see more of your games in the future. ^w^

I saw your message in response to my comment as you know. :D But one final thought. I'd prefer it if you replied here for this. ^w^

This is just a suggestion, but perhaps, sometime in the future, can you make a Free! Dating Sim? Where the player can potentially be romantically involved with the male characters? Much like your most recent games.

I know you have other projects currently in development that have to be finished first, and you don't have to do this at all. It's just something I want to suggest and hopefully you consider it. Thank you! ^^


I will consider it. Lately there's a lot of new characters I also want to draw (mainly Kisumi and Asahi) so it could be possible later down the line. 

That's great. ^^ Maybe consider creating both a female and male MC, to the liking of the (majority) female fandom, but also remain fair to the LBGT+ community?  But that's just another suggestion. You can just upvote this comment haha. Thanks for considering!