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What a lovely piece. It surprised me how much it provides an environment favorable for writing. The minimal interface feels like a clean and comfy desk.
Unfortunately I experience continuous lag: moving around is jerky, and there's delay in the typing.
Any idea what may be the cause? I had no other program running consuming bandwidth or CPU juice.

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I'm so sorry to only read this now —

What system were you playing it on? 
I'm still pretty inexperienced with GPU programming (which generates the visual geography) myself, and MacOS devices in particular seems to really struggle 

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No problem with the late answer, really.
I'm using Windows10,  on an Intel Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10 Ghz, 8Gb RAM, GPU is an Nvidia GTX770. Not top-notch material, I know :).
I read the other comments in the meantime and saw the Babble servers were located in Australia. I'm in France, so maybe that's the reason?
Anyway, cheers! Still a beautiful project you have here.

aww, in that mere case your hardware should be more than suitable enough :)

I suspect that may be the case, a few people way up in the northern hemisphere have had issues. I think in future experiences I'll look into multi-server support — sorry for the troubles!


I'm having similar issues. Framerate of about 1 frame per second. I find that the game is using less than 10% cpu and less than 200MB ram. Windows 10. Geforce GTX 1060 or thereabouts. The lag begins only after the unity logo (in the game). No command line output.

At this point I'm inclined to believe this may be due to the specific unity version this was built under, since it's only effecting specific devices.  I'm not really certain what the solution may currently be sorry, and am unfortunately not really in a position to explore this further at the moment either