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piotr-j, AKA EvilEntity, is working on a graphical editor for gdx-ai behavior trees. It's still a work in progress though, so don't expect too much.

However, I don't think that such an editor is crucial due to the power and simplicity of the DSL. Especially, gdx-ai-1.7.1-SNAPSHOT adds internal subtree references, guards, and dynamic guard selectors that allow you to write complex trees while keeping them pretty human-readable. Here is a sample tree. Unfortunately, the documentation for these new features is still missing, but I'm going to write it soon.

Anyways, if you're happy with JBT there's no real reason to use gdx-ai btrees unless your game has to run on GWT (javascript is single-threaded) or mobile platforms (having a lot of threads might be a serious problem, especially on old devices).

Indeed your DSL is very nice! Even without knowing the syntax yet, it's pretty much readable.

Personnally, I would be ok with writing scripts if I have a text editor with at least some basic static analysis and autocompletion to avoid to struggle with stupid misspellings. With such features, it would be just as good as graphical editor, or at least a good backup method (for example while doing dev work on Android).

Thank you again for all your advises.

There's a Vim Syntax highlighting for gdx-ai behavior tree files on github. I've not tried it though.

Awesome! That's a good start (and it probably can even work on Android with TerminalIDE, which is also a good point for me).

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BTW there's also an open source tool to convert FreeMind files to gdx-ai btree files.
You can find this and other useful links here

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That's good stuff too, thanks! Now I have no excuse to not try gdx-ai :)
Actually I may have a look soon!