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I like the idea, but you should guide the player more. I ended up in a loop several times (that could be good if you wanted to talk about not being able to escape from a toxic relationship), and I was confused with what I had to do.

Of course, it's just my opinion. I love text-based games and you're on the good path, it's just lacking some coherence.

There's a walkthrough available in the game -- it's part of the negotiation page. Where did you get stuck? Which tag(s) were you in?

(There isn't actually an ending, but having seen all 85 entries could be considered a win condition of sorts.)

Now that I've read the negotiation page it makes much more sense haha

I thought I had to click the # that I identified more with each sentence and that it would lead me somewhere.

Ah, yeah, no; there's no strategy to it. You probably saw everything there was to see.