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I liked it a lot! Very fun concept! The only thing I didn't know how to use was the hook: how does it work?

This is an amazing result, even more impressing considering it's your first jam. Congratulations! 

The game is hard, not gonna lie, but it happens when you don't have a lot of time to test it.

Man what a clever game! Very good artstyle choice, nice gameplay,  the "h-hello" voices are amazing. Good job!

I would've liked more interactions or challenges (x number of cards you can use, different math operations...). I understand where you were going, it just lacks "juicyness". Watch this talk by Martin Jonasson and Petri Purho, I try to apply it to every game I do: 

Thank you for the feedback and for playing our game so many times!

We didn't test it with other people, so your petition is completely logical. Adding two difficulties seems a good idea, so after the jam's results (I don't think we can change it before) we'll update it. Again, thanks for letting a comment! 

Very nice puzzle! It was a treat to hear the tiny bits of audio telling me I was on the right path. A good interactive experience!

Thank you for the feedback! We modified the attack a couple of times, but it's a good idea.

Thanks! Yeah you’re right, it's too difficult hahaha

I like the setting and the main character, very good model! It only lacks some visual response from the enemies.

A creative mechanic, I think it fits the theme perfectly!

Thanks a lot for the comment!

After searching again, it was not this game, my bad haha it was hide and seek. For pocket mirror, I played it on PC, discovered it on Tumblr 

Now that I've read the negotiation page it makes much more sense haha

I thought I had to click the # that I identified more with each sentence and that it would lead me somewhere.

I like the idea, but you should guide the player more. I ended up in a loop several times (that could be good if you wanted to talk about not being able to escape from a toxic relationship), and I was confused with what I had to do.

Of course, it's just my opinion. I love text-based games and you're on the good path, it's just lacking some coherence.

Thank you a lot! 

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

We lacked time for enough testing and corecting those little things, maybe in some days we can get to it. 

As for the angry pixels, thanks for saying that. At first we had them capable of creating more angry pixels but the game turned too hard and we didn't want that; now they're more of an inconvenience turning other pixels sad and chasing after you only if you're around.

Thanks for playing our game!