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(I really like this game and look forward to see it get bigger and even hit getting sold on steam)

Here are my suggestions, I hope you like them: (Will edit this if I got more suggestions)

1- Add a use to the Crystals ( If there is already please add a hint as none knows what to do with them)

2-Add houses around the main building, it looks really lonely alone

3-When you are smelting the ingots, if you keep looking at them while they're being smelted and they are ready, the text won't change unless you look away then look back at them, fixing that will be a lot less looking away and look again

4-Add more things to craft such as shields/armor, crafting the same thing will get boring in a while, customers coming in and asking for ex: Leather Shield,Copper Armor,2x Dagger....is more fun and tedious than just 1 weapon for each customer

5-There is a bug when you save and exit and go back again, your weapons that are already made get disassembled and your coins go back to 0

6-You cannot chance the resolution of the game, its just an arrow with an empty space next to it

7-Add upgrades to your shop ex: Faster smeltery/Better anvil/Better hammers/Wider Crafting bench/Bigger shelves/Allow 2+ Customers at the same time

What i do about the ingots when i play is that i don't wait until it says (ready) instead i pick them up when they start creating sparkles, when i do so, then it changes to (ready).

Also, you can put all the ingots into the furnace and turn it on, even if you sleep, they will still be ready in the furnace for crafting. It saves so much time.

That doesn't mean its working right, you can always workaround bugs/glitches in any game, that doesn't mean they aren't still there.