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Day 3

Today has not been a great day.

I have only had about 3 hours to work on the game. I decided I wanted to add in some sort of fuel for the campfire, via a tree asset. Rather than spend a thousand years learning Blender, I went to the asset store, where I found a nice free tree asset to use for now.

I started working on a basic inventory system. I got a bit carried away, and also started refactoring some inefficient code, and tried to get my game objects to be more loosely coupled.

Unfortunately, during my refactoring, I did something that Unity was not expecting, and got this lovely little popup.

My first ever Unity crash, hooray! I lost all of the assets I’d pulled in, I lost the tags I’d created, along with the assignments of those tags to the relevant objects.

I decided to just add in one tree, instead of trying to make things look nice.

Then I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out why I couldn’t find the script I’d attached to an object, only to realize–after another 20 minutes–that I had accidentally tagged the ground with “Campfire” as well as the actual campfire. Since I was only asking for one object (FindGameObjectWithTag() instead of FindGameObjectsWithTag()), I was getting the first one, which was the ground. Removing the tag from the ground worked, and now I feel ridiculous for having spent so long on such a silly problem.

Thankfully, I persevered, and managed to get the tree to be interactive. It adds an item to the inventory, which is not currently a visible component of the game. In the gif below, you can sort of see that the count of items in the inventory increases until it reached the size.

A small win on an otherwise frustrating day.


Don't worry, things don't always go like we want. Take a rest and try to fix it

Thanks for the kind words. I managed to figure it out in the end. I just updated my devlog to be a bit less negative. :)


Congrats on your first Unity crash. LMAO for real though. It's really a joy to see progress getting made everyday. I'm working on item pickup and inventory today. Hopefully I don't have the same issues. But because of your post, I will be sure to check my tags. Good luck, have a great day. 

I honestly had a moment of thinking about quitting yesterday, which is a ridiculous overreaction to one bad day, but it just seemed like nothing was going my way.

I am going to add this AutoSave asset to Unity when I get back from work today. I’ve learned from my mistake! :)


I don't know why that isn't just part of unity.