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So I remembered this game but had uninstalled the demo off my Android sometime ago after seeing a post about it on r/otomegames (I kept it on my phone for months until I needed to make space lol). I really enjoyed the demo, but I forgot the game's name so I looked around trying to find it and replay it haha. I am pleasantly surprised with the new additions to the demo since I last played it and I'm glad you guys are still working on this project! I have had no blips or errors while playing through the demo this time and I'm glad for it! The demo was so addicting too, I played it late at night even though I had work in the morning lol. I'm looking forward to its release! I still love the graphics and the addition of partial voice acting and more dialogue options are nice too. I love the versatility of the dialogue and how choices can affect Cove. So interesting, I can't wait to play this over and over! :)

Thank you! It's great to hear you enjoyed all the updates. I hope you got some rest later on though, haha. We'll be putting out another demo update pretty soon, we're aiming for next month. The demo is gonna keep being improved/expanded until the game releases this summer so feel free to check in again later on for more new things ^^.