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Thank you for the update. I think you got the year wrong when it came to step 4's release. Aside from that I am okay with the dlcs being a buck higher. You guys are working hard on it.

Hey guys, I think they have completely stopped this project. About 3 years ago (2017) I asked for a refund before the routes were released (lack of activity from what I saw) and one of them told me they were considering releasing on a route to route basis for people who already paid. 

They did follow through with that, but like everyone else I haven't had an update since 2 of the routes were released. I only paid $10 at the time (I think it was a preorder or a special?) and consider it fulfilled due to the 2 route releases and that they did correspond with me when I contacted them at the time.

For prospective buyers, I wouldn't recommend dropping money on this if you're expecting a full game since it's been 2 years (Feb 2018) since the second route was released. It's not really worth the $20 as currently advertised.

So I remembered this game but had uninstalled the demo off my Android sometime ago after seeing a post about it on r/otomegames (I kept it on my phone for months until I needed to make space lol). I really enjoyed the demo, but I forgot the game's name so I looked around trying to find it and replay it haha. I am pleasantly surprised with the new additions to the demo since I last played it and I'm glad you guys are still working on this project! I have had no blips or errors while playing through the demo this time and I'm glad for it! The demo was so addicting too, I played it late at night even though I had work in the morning lol. I'm looking forward to its release! I still love the graphics and the addition of partial voice acting and more dialogue options are nice too. I love the versatility of the dialogue and how choices can affect Cove. So interesting, I can't wait to play this over and over! :)

Ah I'm really late in seeing this, just logged in again. Still can't see it on Google Chrome, but I see another user said that used Windows 10 and could see it on their Google Chrome browser. Maybe that contributes as well, I'm using a Windows 7 laptop. Also it's nice to see that you're interactive with people who are commenting! :)

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I couldn't play the game on my Google Chrome or Opera browser, but I was able to play it on Firefox.

The character creation is pretty cute! I like pixel art so this tickled my fancy. ^^