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End of Day 2:

Hey everyone, it's me again! Today I got a lot more done, and the game is semi-playable now! I made it so that the player slides across the ground, as well as cap their movement speed, so they wouldn't go too fast. I added a heat gauge, with a snowflake icon at the end that I might even use for the final build: 

Then I created the temperature system, which took longer than expected, since I had to tweak the movement speed and jump height of the player every 2 seconds a lot. Basically the colder the temperature, the slower and less high a player can move/jump. I then built a small level for testing different jump heights at different temperatures, and still had to tweak movement values (>_>). Finally, I added Lanterns to heat the player up if they stand near them, and made a temporary sprite for them too. This is a basic overview of what I've done so far:

So far, I've actually done more than I thought I would get done at this point, so I guess this week I'll work on creating the Frostbiters (enemies), their behavior and projectiles. Since my pixel art skills are less than sub-par, I might consider drafting a friend to help me with it, as I already have a lot on my plate for this project. I don't think I'll work on animations this week, because I want to get something playable before I add any polish.

I'll end this devlog off now, as I have school tomorrow, and it's a new semester. I'll try to get another devlog out soon, but they might not be everyday, depending on how much I can get done. Anyways, have a great week and good luck everyone!

wow this looks really good so far!

the only really important thing i can think of that you might want to add is moving animations. even some random filler movements would be fine, just something to show player movement.

good luck on your project!

I always think that sketchy programmer art is charming, especially in Jam games. If you want a more polished look, though, have you looked around on Itch or Open Game Art for art assets? There are some good snowy and cave themed side-scroller assets, and you might find a character and enemies with animations that you like, too.