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Here's my video gameplay critique of Jowsty!

This game was really excellent, very impressive... especially for 72 hours! Fantastic art, solid gameplay, just really lovely all-around. I very much enjoyed this game. I go into much finer detail in the video (obviously) and give some sparse pieces of advice for improvements, but this is a standout piece. Wonderful work.


Thanks for playing ^o^

Bacon and I are working on an updated version with more features - such as controller support, new characters, modes and music, etc - and many gameplay changes, including a new attack and stronger enemy variants.

I actually wasn't aware of the window resize option but it's been enabled for the new version (why that isn't selected by default I do not know xD), and as for the comments on pacing, I'm having a look to see if I can find a way to maybe increase down time between waves, so hopefully that improves it a bit.

That's awesome! 😄

The game was already super feature-complete and polished even from just the Mini Jam timeframe... It's wonderful y'all want to improve it even further!

What engine are you using? You can set this info on the Metadata tab, third from the left when you're editing the Itch page. Always try to set the Metadata in as much detail as possible; it's cool for the users to see, helps itch, but it actually helps you as the developers most because it gives more detail for Itch to index the page with, and let's the game show up more often in relevant search results for that Metadata.

And yeah, that pacing graph is a pretty high-level concept... But this game had pretty much nothing low-level for me to critique so I had to move up to some higher level game design concepts to offer something to look into possibly improving... 

Really fine job! My other big piece of advice, if it's possible, is to try to export for HTML5! It seems like it should run fine in-browser, and all major engines have great HTML5 export functionality. 

I look forward to your and Bacon's future projects! 👍