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Ups! I am stuck again.  My Raw Anicent Wood don't seem to count. Would love a fix :) Btw i play the offline window version, so maybe posted the wrong place.


Theres actually more broken stuff than you think, the missing icon in front of the "250" is a subtle indicator. We have already fixed this and will release an update soon, but there are some more bugs we want to fix first. I'll keep you updated.

Kind regards,

Thank you for the fast reply. Looking forward to see more of the game :)

Hi Sunjean,

you should be able to continue the game until the end. We went through all the quests and checked if the are actually doable or if something is missing. Have fun!

Kind regards,

Hate to say it, but the the new offline window version dont work. I can see that it tryes to load, but it shuts down before game is loaded. So sorry...

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Ok now you have to specifiy "offline window", do you mean the offline version we linked to in the description text above? If yes, which operating system are you using? If no, does the online version above work in your browser?

Kind regards,

I use the offline version. Operating system = Windows.

Yeah, we possibly found out what the problem was. You may try again with the new update we released a few minutes ago. This does fix the problem i had when testing on windows, so i hope this also fixes yours.

Kind regards,

Working perfectly now. Thank you. :)

Oh and for bugs regarding quests, items and so on you can report on this version or the downloadable version, it affects both. Only problems regarding controls, graphics or sound could be specific to a certain os or game version :)