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Can you give some pointers on how to create the binary/standalone version? Maybe someone else with a Mac could create an experimental build for you :)

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1. Download the Godot editor and export templates from (standard, not Mono).

2. Download the Material Maker source code and extract it:

3. Start the Godot editor. This opens the Godot project manager. Use Import to select Material Maker's `project.godot` file and edit the project.

4. Install the export templates TPZ file using Editor > Manage Export Templates... > Install From File... at the top of the Godot editor.

5. At the top of the Godot editor, choose Project > Export. Create a preset for macOS (more information). Export it anywhere on your filesystem.

6. Extract the generated ZIP by double-clicking it then run the generated .app bundle.


Thanks for answering, Calinou. ;)

I exported to Mac (the list of files to be exported was not up to date). It's not tested, but the result is here. If it runs successfully on Mac, we'll have to figure what to do with other files (library, templates, examples and doc).