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The SINGULAR MOST ANNOYING THING!!!!! Lack of sufficient save spaces. There are 100 moments of Value or more. What, 8 pages of 4 saves? Besides certain fetishes I value, I prefer 5 pages of 30-40 saves. Those games allow for near infinite saves of all but the most minute and irrelevant details. However if you have sex or blow jobs from 8 different girls and 10 different sessions and then you add in Pregnancy creampies and etcetera, you don't have to TORTURE YOURSELF, deciding what old file to overwrite just to save Current progress. 


Although the GUI doesn't make it very clear, the game supports save slots beyond 8 pages. The amount of saves per page can't be changed, unfortunately.

MORE than 8 pages of Saves? Yeah I had no idea. All games with that save style are set (from the 100s I've enjoyed) and there's nothing to do but over-write unless the creator of that VN releases an Update using the 5 page 30 slot save style. Also, I wonder if you NEED Trust and Corruption on this particular game? Hell. So confusing. Some games you need Trust/Friendship to enable Lust/Corruption sometimes they're mutually exclusive where it's Domination or Friendship not both.

Wow... At least 38 pages of 4... Ty Perverteer.