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Neat. So it's easy to "win" but the challenge comes from placing and disabling towers to balance their kills. And the only punishment for a missed enemy is that it might have added to the smallest tower's killcount.

Got 4572 = 127 * 6^2 after a few tries.

Exploit: you can make your score arbitrarily high by placing and deleting baby towers, since the tower count never goes down and deleted towers don't affect the minimum calculation.

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Oops! Thanks for catching that exploit. I'll fix it. (edit - it's been fixed!)

A lowest score of 127 over 6 towers is pretty good :O Did you find yourself clicking towers on/off a lot to manage that? I tend to have little patience and build a ton of towers and always somehow miss one very low score tucked away in an unnoticed corner :c


Used a setup like this and kept the top two always on while conditionally toggling the lower four to spread the load. Ultimately found myself rate-limited here by the top two being solely responsible for their own kills, but unable to find another spot where they could also potentially finish later kills without giving up too much initial damage.