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The accuracy. The humor. The snarky parents. The cactus! Imagine Lifetimes feels like a nearly perfect simulation of actual life. Definitely an interesting experience and I'm curious to see what other paths I can take.

Good job, devs.

Hey Skydjinn, thank you for checking out Imagine Lifetimes! Stay tuned as the ''Deadly Edition'' is expected to arrive later this year. (second half of 2020-ish)


I saw mention of that on the page and have been curious what a "deadly" version of the game could include.

The current build has 9 different endings, and gives you a taste of what the game is all about. The Deadly Edition is the full version which will include at least 19 different ending, but most importantly it will add a main story-line to follow.

Details will slowly be revealed as development progresses, but rest assured it is going to clarify what the true meaning of this game is. (it's a game-changer) 


Second video, second life.

Will probably investigate the other "endings" on my own. I'm curious.

Hey Skydjinn, this retirement ending is actually the same one as in your first video! There are 9 different endings hidden in there that do not involve going into retirement, you dodged one of them by ignoring that shady package, but hey, you made a wise decision in doing so! ;) 

Thanks for giving it another go, I appreciate it.