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This is lovely!

Excellent work Le Slo, cool cover art too!

Nicely done Ryan, I had fun with this!

Extremely clever!

I really like how you've incorporated 'one room' and 'puzzle' themes into the game, nicely done! :)

Such creative game-design, amazing work!

This was very fun to solve, great work!

Thank you QuadCorps! The shoe is definitely a challenge because it requires keeping track of multiple details over time.

Thank you JK5000, I appreciate it!

This is awesome, there's so much in there! Aside from some minor struggles with the camera position everything ran super smoothly. I also liked the look and feel of the character and the environment.

Great job!

Quite an ambitious entry! I've been a bit stuck breaking glass and interacting with objects but I'm not quite sure what is happening or whether something changed in the dinosaur's timeline. I might be missing something. Great work though, very creative!

Wonderful entry and excellent coffee. Although I wish the objects required a little more thinking or puzzling to find and unlock, I really liked the mood of it all. Nicely done :)

This is an incredible experience, I'm a big fan. The combination of minimalism in terms of mechanics and the cryptic instructions is extremely engaging. Fascinating sound design as well.

Are you planning to make more games in the future?

Interesting puzzle concept with adorable visuals. Although I wish I could have walked the duck from tile to tile, I liked the rewinding mechanic. Nice work!

This is a thoughtfully designed puzzle-game entry, I really enjoyed it. I like how you've incorporated the theme in the visuals as well as the mechanics. Great job! :)

Thank you for the kind words Black Mastiff Studio!

Thank you Ede!

Thank you Swinny!

Hi Val, I've updated the game with a reset level button:

Thanks a lot! :)

Thank you very much :) Really enjoyed your entry!

Very nice work, I liked the evolving levels. I wish the dangers were a little more predictable visually before they show up. Besides that it's a great way to teach the player. Good job :)

That's very kind, thanks a lot :)

Cool concept! I especially liked the destructible terrain.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it :)

Thanks Val! :) I'll try to do a small quality of life update sometime after the jam when I find the time.
I'd love to add in some tweaks and improvements as well as some level select/reset options.

That's very kind, I appreciate it! :) Thanks for letting me know about the accidental solve as well. (I aim to avoid those) 

Thank you! :)

This is amazing - easily my highest rated entry so far! It plays amazingly well, it reminds me of Vlambeer's LUFTRAUSERS in terms of game-feel and gameplay. Excellent work :)

Really neat and spooky stealth game! Presentation and story are on point, you can tell this submission was lovingly crafted. Played & rated, well done :)

The presentation on this is awesome. Loved the puns in the menu. The mechanics are very creatively designed making it stand out in terms of gameplay. Good stuff! :)

Such a fun and creative puzzler, the combination of themes and the story got me hooked from the start. On top of that it's a unique puzzle experience. Well done! :)

If you haven't posted it there yet, I'm sure the Thinky Puzzle Games community would also love this!

Thank you very much spaghetman! :)

Some excellent sokoban puzzles with a twist and great work on the recursive theme. :) You did a good job teaching me (the player) with each new level which made the difficulty curve very pleasant.

Have you posted this to the Thinky Puzzle Games discord? (the community would love to play this)

Such a minimalistic but effective concept! It's very captivating watching the void slowly take over.

I like this koala. very snappy! The art and the music are great, although there is some pixel-bending in the current build. I wish switching weapons was easier, keeping my fingers on WASD and hand on the mouse made T hard to reach. Overall, great work! :)

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Thank you! :)
There is an important hint when the level starts in its initial state, but unfortunately I didn't have time to build in a level reset. (yet)

Impressive and creative non-euclidean game, especially within 64x64 pixels! Bravo!

Just saw this on the Thinky Puzzle Games discord, I thought it was very interesting! It feels like a very tactical version of Snake. I wasn't sure if I understood all the rules (I'll ask more about that on the Discord) but great work on the jam!