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Here are a few screenshots
Not sure what's causing it, I haven't had any trouble with Unreal before this.

Huh, okay that's interesting. Is the main menu background also black?

Yea its also black. I see tracers and stuff sometimes, I guess its supposed to be an inengine scene?

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Yup, And I think I know whats causing it. I have a feeling it might be a corrupt download/extraction but just in case I'm wrong. Try downloading this file and extract it into the game folder.

But if that doesn't work, have you tried re downloading the game?

The link is only going to be up for a limited time. Please let me know once you've got it.


Tried re-downloading and re-extracting the game with no luck. I'll try this patch of yours now.

No joy

Hmm, okay this is an interesting.

What I know is that the sky is simply not rendering (trueSky). This is usually an issue if you don't have the binaries which i linked to you in a zipped version earlier, however all my builds come with the binaries to begin with.

I'll have to look deeper into this graphical issue.

In the meantime are all your graphics redistributables up to date? (DX10, DX11, Video Drivers)

I updated very recently, but I'll do all that again just in case.

Yea I got nothing. Nvidia drivers and DirectX are updated with no result. Whatevs. I'll keep following the project anyways. I'm excited to see someone do this series some justice.

Damn, Sorry. I'll try to investigate this further. Hopefully further releases will work properly.