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Nope. Tried some forced updates and nothing changed. It runs fine on my laptop though, albeit at an unplayable framerate.

A suggestion regarding music/sound effects:

Unless you want a cease and desist from Bandai Namco you obviously can't include sound assets ripped from the AC series, but that isn't going to stop me from modding them in myself.

It'd be convenient if Project Wingman included a nice drag and drop way to replace the default sound assets with something custom...

Yea I got nothing. Nvidia drivers and DirectX are updated with no result. Whatevs. I'll keep following the project anyways. I'm excited to see someone do this series some justice.

I updated very recently, but I'll do all that again just in case.

No joy

Tried re-downloading and re-extracting the game with no luck. I'll try this patch of yours now.

Yea its also black. I see tracers and stuff sometimes, I guess its supposed to be an inengine scene?

Here are a few screenshots
Not sure what's causing it, I haven't had any trouble with Unreal before this.

Will do as soon as I get home. Best I can describe it though is "no light source" other than tracers/explosions/formation lights etc. Its damned impossible to fly.

Hey, giant AC Ps2 fan. Literally my favourite games of all time.

Project Wingman looks great but its unplayable for some reason. Menus and hangar are fine, but in flight the sky is black and there is not light source other than tracers or explosions. It like flying through a black hole. Not sure what's causing it but its pretty frustrating.

i7 3770K

16gb RAM

GTX 960

Win 10 64bit

I get a solid 70+ fps though! Anyone else encounter this? I hope it gets figured out. Good luck with the project.