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oh my god..this game..its just the best hahahaha! i really like the story and the beautiful music, and the VA is so entertaining i could die x) <3 keep making me laugh my ars off.
other than that i first got Carrault's good ending i believe, so sweet, he totally melts my heart with his smile.
So far on Damian's route im having a great time and cant wait to get to his endings <3
''What was that? a Premature Magical Ejaculation?''
- by Damian

PS. if you skip through the game between choices it sounds like sexy time *nosebleed* i was completely stunned when i first realized. <3

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We asked some members in our Discord chat to confirm sexy time game skipping.

Can confirm, much nosebleeding. Perhaps in our next game, Chess of Blades, we shall have to add a version that lets you turn off all the VA aside from those grunts/moans/gasps :3

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That would be interesting :) i think that would be a refreshing option if ppl are not too interested in the talking (i at least found it kinda refreshing when at times, there was just a grunt/moan/gasp/clicking with tongue instead of full voice on every sentence)


Just finished all the routes..and i feel at a complete loss for what to do now since this game have been my life for the past 2 days xD love it <3 i was a bit saddened by Kaul's route since the outcome was a bit different than i thougth it would be, but it was still satisfying to see the last CG so playful <3

I feel Kaul's VA was the most in depth VA in the game, but are biased to Damian's story and character, but prefer Carraults looks xD i wonder what they would look like if their different styles and quirks got merged into one character *q*

You could join our discord and hang out with us as we make our next game (or follow along on some other of our many platforms...itch, twitter, tumblr, gamejolt, fb... etc.) :3. Our kickstarter will be launching soon too, so we'll need to call on your support~

Damian was our baby too :>

We also don't have any fanworks yet... ^w^