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Would it be possible to get the other Rising Angels Stories on too? i find it easier and more fun if i can get a somewhat complete story from the same app instead of having to go different places to play the different parts of a story :/

Just finished all the routes..and i feel at a complete loss for what to do now since this game have been my life for the past 2 days xD love it <3 i was a bit saddened by Kaul's route since the outcome was a bit different than i thougth it would be, but it was still satisfying to see the last CG so playful <3

I feel Kaul's VA was the most in depth VA in the game, but are biased to Damian's story and character, but prefer Carraults looks xD i wonder what they would look like if their different styles and quirks got merged into one character *q*

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That would be interesting :) i think that would be a refreshing option if ppl are not too interested in the talking (i at least found it kinda refreshing when at times, there was just a grunt/moan/gasp/clicking with tongue instead of full voice on every sentence)

oh my god..this game..its just the best hahahaha! i really like the story and the beautiful music, and the VA is so entertaining i could die x) <3 keep making me laugh my ars off.
other than that i first got Carrault's good ending i believe, so sweet, he totally melts my heart with his smile.
So far on Damian's route im having a great time and cant wait to get to his endings <3
''What was that? a Premature Magical Ejaculation?''
- by Damian

PS. if you skip through the game between choices it sounds like sexy time *nosebleed* i was completely stunned when i first realized. <3