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Interesting mechanic, pretty challenging! It took me a while to know what I was supposed to do other than go at orange dots. After a few deaths I realized I needed to stay on-screen and avoid black dots. The inputs didn't work all the time, and sometimes a single press took me 2-3 moves to that direction, crashing me into a black dot (it's a distinct possibility this was due to my wireless keyboard, but just pointing it out in case it isn't). The "teleporting" is a bit distracting though, hard to make out what's going on. I think the one thing the game needs is to scroll down instead of "jumping down", for clarity. My best attempt was 156. Highscore system didn't work, my "best" stayed 00000. Nice concept and interpretation of the theme though!


I agree that the downward movement should be smooth rather than instant. However I did not have time to get done.

I have now fixed the highscore and player movement. Thanks for pointing those out.

Glad you managed to fix them