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Thanks! I started out with solid colors. But then I though that color-blind people would be unable to play. So I decided to use "elemental" color patterns that would fit well with the Atlantis assets.

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Thanks a lot!

The button animation stays because I didn't remove the keyboard support; oops.

Is this where I say "Pics or it didn't happen"? ;)


Thanks Lemur! 25 is pretty good, mine is 30.

Thanks for playing!

Having video blind playthroughs gives us the best of feedbacks.

Thanks for playing! I am glad that you enjoyed it :)

Yeah, the music will have more variations in later versions :)


I agree that the downward movement should be smooth rather than instant. However I did not have time to get done.

I have now fixed the highscore and player movement. Thanks for pointing those out.


Watch Feedback Friday #27 - Playing YOUR indie games! from TimRuswick on

You'll need to make your game public for it to appear in the jam listing

Haha. Yes, it was decided to make the theme optional after we came to same conclusion as you did :)

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Those are good points. The 'slip time' is already a priority ;)

Good luck on your revision as well!

Neat game!

Thanks! Too bad you got some nasty random movements from the AI. That's one thing I'll have to adjust.

Thanks! Yeah, the enemy movement is completely random. I might update it later with more predictable AI.

Chromavaders community · Created a new topic Keyboard input

Nice! I like how it combines different game genres/mechanics in a coherent way.

However I am used to playing with the arrow keys and not WASD, especially when using the space bar and not the mouse. I think it would be a good idea to have both the arrow keys and WASD to move. This can easily be done in Unity with the default keybinding by using GetAxisRaw("Vertical") > 0 instead of GetKeyDown(KeyCode.D) and so on.

I programmed all those things together to actually make a game! I wanted to incorporate the themes more by having to combine the items to have allies (like combining steaks to have a cow) but ran out of time. So the only reference to "It's dangerous to go alone..." is that the player has a sword and shield like Link.


Yes it is. Rules states:

  • You're allowed to work alone or in a team (no size restriction).
  • Sound files (sound effects and music) and fonts can be custom made or gathered from other sources.



Thanks! I was aiming for a mashup between Worms and Scorched Earth. So I guess I got at  right :)

Thanks for playing! Yes a high score is definitely something that is missing. I also wanted to add multipliers for when you hit bull-eyes in a row. Thanks for the feedback!

I totally agree with JK5000

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Mais ne serait-ce pas le "Joueur du Grenier" que je vois là?

Thanks for the feedback. Those a defenitely the next steps. I didn't get to integrate them in the time I had. I got the name just from a random name generator.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! Difficulty ramp was rushed. I wanted to have actual levels with different types of enemies, but ran out of time. But you like hard games so it's fine right? XD 

Thanks a lot! I based the game off Volfied, a table arcade game I used to play at a hamburger place when I was a teenager.

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks! I got inspired by the arcade game Volfied. Just looked up Qix, I found that Ultimate Qix was the localized name for Volfied on console.

Thanks a lot! It's arcade style, there is no 'end' that's why it's 3 lives and Game Over. That being said, I want to add power ups and ways to earn lives, and more enemy types, and missle towers and such. Projectiles would also move turn-based.

Don't worry, we screen the games. Those kind of opportunists will have their entries removed.