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Thanks! I am amazed at how quickly Hamsterspit can come up with ideas and draw them.

Thanks so much! I hadn't heard of it. But it seems very interesting. Will defenitely check that out!

Thanks! We have other scenes and puzzles in store.  You'll be able to play some more eventually ;)

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!


Very nicely done! I quite enjoyed playing this game. The difficulty ramp and the introduction of new elements was stop on. I would have liked to have a way on "undo" a link. Sometimes I realised I did a mistake but had to "die" in order to redo the whole path. I think this is the perfect kind of game for mobile. Counting the number of shots or the time it takes to get those shiny 3 stars per level. Great job!

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Fun Angry-Bird-like game. Nice graphics and animations. It's missing sound effects though. Also, when a level is completed, the button on the right should go to the next level instead of the level select screen.

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Thanks for playing!

The GUI issue is only when playing the web version not in full screen. I could not get it to scale properly with Unity 2019.

The 'right' way to get rid of ! block is by touching the less blocks of a same color possible. Normally it should only take your current coins. However a bug make it that the score also drops.

Unpredictable in what way? I know it's missing some explanation and that there are some collision bugs when rotating. However the rest always works as expected. 

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Watch Doing So Much With So Little! -- 8 Bits To Infinity -- Two Button Jam from YourBr0ther on Youtube

To you too!

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Watch Phil Plays Ludum Dare #43 Games (Part 3) from Phil-Motion Video on Youtube

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks! I also really like those assets by Kenney. Will probably have different colored or bigger power up icons in later versions.

Thanks! Due to limitations of the jam, the game buttons can't be selected with the mouse position. Use S or Right-mouse click to select, and Space or Left-mouse click to activate.

Thanks! I hope you will like it.

Thanks! I liked the idea of being able to charge my shot to get multiple enemies at once.

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Thanks! I had a feeling that many would be using the left/right or up/down approach for the jam so I tried not to :)

Thanks! I plan to have a setting for the difficulty. In the meantime, I have slowed the enemies a bit so it is more playable as intended.

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Thanks! There is no life counter per say but the ship gets graphically damaged. The score doesn't go up if you kill the enemy off screen. I agree that the power ups are not easily distinguisable.

Note that I won't be rated because I am a judge for this jam. Please leave some feedback nonetheless.

Yes, as long as the jam is not over you can change it.

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If it ONLY closes the game, it's not a problem.

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You can also look for teammates on the discord or on Crowdforge

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I enjoyed this game. I really like the mechanic. The art style is beautiful, as well as the animations. It is however missing an animation for jumping and fire in lanterns should be behind the player not in front. The music is good but could go longer without repeating and not restart on each level.  The instructions for handling the fire should be in the first level instead of the second one as we need it to light the matches. Some platforms are unnessecerily far as it becomes skill-based intead of puzzle-based. Good job overall!

I like the concept. However I found it difficult to draw the lines at the right height next to platforms as the characters were not walking on the very top. The intro level could be shorten as there is nothing to interact with. I get that you were showing us the automatic turn around but 2 rows would have been enough, 4 is a bit too long. I like how there were different types of lines. Good job overall.

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Fun game. Love the theme interpretation. Interesting mechanic especially the part with the rain and fire. I like that there are sounds and animations for the different kinds of failiures. Minor issues with the UI: We should be able to click instead of using space bar in the intro since all the game is played with the mouse; Buttons are a bit weird to press with the pencil behind it.; The mute button doesn't seem to work. Good prototyping, hope you keep working on it!

Here's mine :

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Congrats on your first game!

Here's my constructive criticism. The falling rocks is a great way to justify the running, however the sound is too loud and we can't hear the music. Having different obstacles is good, but I think it would be more challenging if they were spaced randomly rather than evenly. I find the score in the middle of the screen distracting, but maybe that was the intent.

This being said, its a fully working game prototype with an animated character, a start menu, and a game over screen. You can be proud of yourself. Good job!

Fun to play, nice graphics, very cool mechanic, nicely balanced, and fitting music and sound effects. I had a little trouble moving only "one space" though. Great job!

Really cool!