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so yeah. im having too many issues with the towers in this tower defense style. i think im going to switch back to my original idea and just lob things at incoming donkeys.


-when i click on a board spot, it Instantiates an object

-this object shares the same code script between them all.

-i dont know a way to force each tower to act independently of events that happen in other towers.

-if the first tower reacts to an event, the other towers need to not react to it, but this is harder then it seems.

-i got it working some what, but there are so many bugs when i start to add more towers that i just get a headache trying to fix this.

i created a monster and i dont have a way to fix it.

so im going to go back to my original idea of one launcher doing all the shooting, and not multiple ones.

at least this way i can properly control the shooting and synchronization properly.

i dont know everything about unity, so fixing this escapes me at this time, and i want to finish a game by the end of the week so this is my only solution at the moment.

im taking the rest of the night off, be back tomorrow with the new game design.