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Completed this game in an about 45 minutes and here's my feedback:

Concept - overall concept is awesome and the game plays amazingly. There was no moment where I felt that controls are the reason I die - everything is smooth and works as it should work.

Difficulty - game is pretty hard, but not too hard - right as precision platformer should be. One scene, on the other hand, was too hard - it took me about 10-15 minutes (last scene of the first level).

Graphics - the character and the orb both look really neat, but what is lacking is background. Background looks fine while you don't look at it closely - it's not bad, it's just very simple. Parallax makes it better though.

This game is very good and totally worth a shot. I see a lot of potential in it - if the authors will continue working on it, I will take a pleasure to buy and complete it.

Thank you! We're happy you enjoyed the game and are really thankful for the feedback:) The background bugs me too, but unfortunately we had a deadline to meet and couldn't revisit it in time!