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There's no way I can make english text or even change something - I've lost this project after formatting drive. So this is what remains of the game. There could be more levels, more exploits and secret level completion ways (did you find any? :) ), but now I can't and this is the reason I posted this game here. I had a lot of fun making it as hard, but fair as I could. The only thing I could ask is someone playing it and this is what happened (28 downloads to date). Thank you a lot for playing this game.

EDIT: Options menu has "Enable Gravity" button, just to clarify some russian text.

There are two difficulty levels in this game - Easy and Default. Both have five levels, but after you complete Easy you automatically proceed to Default.

So you completed only Easy difficulty. To play Default just click second (bottom) button.

Completed this game in an about 45 minutes and here's my feedback:

Concept - overall concept is awesome and the game plays amazingly. There was no moment where I felt that controls are the reason I die - everything is smooth and works as it should work.

Difficulty - game is pretty hard, but not too hard - right as precision platformer should be. One scene, on the other hand, was too hard - it took me about 10-15 minutes (last scene of the first level).

Graphics - the character and the orb both look really neat, but what is lacking is background. Background looks fine while you don't look at it closely - it's not bad, it's just very simple. Parallax makes it better though.

This game is very good and totally worth a shot. I see a lot of potential in it - if the authors will continue working on it, I will take a pleasure to buy and complete it.